End of an Era for Surfwood Barn

Kevin Milligan: “Ocean View Dairy Barn”

Our local landmark is being demolished. We’ve known it as the Surfwood Barn for the fourteen years we’ve lived here in the Mendocino Coast. It was originally part of the Joy Ranch, and then the Ocean View Dairy, which supplied milk to Mendocino from 1914 to 1939. Since then it has quietly decayed, and has been a favorite subject of plein air painters for decades. This 2001 painting by artist Kevin Milligan  is from his book Mendocino: A Painted Pictorial.

 The barn now sits on one of the parcels of the Surfwood IV development. We pass it daily on our walks around the neighborhood. We knew that the building, which has been held together for years by aircraft cable, was in a dangerous state, and the current owners of the property had received a demolition permit.

Demolishing the barn

Demolition in progress

But the arrival of heavy equipment still came as a shock and a sadness.

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  • Josephine Maplesden:

    On my visits to the Mendocino coast, I found myself drawn to this barn, its decaying state and the cryptic messages scrawled inside. Farewell to a real landmark!

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