Maureen Eppstein is the author of three poetry collections: EarthwardRogue Wave at Glass Beach and Quickening.

She is a former Executive Director of the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference.

You can read more about Maureen on her website.

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  • Sure, I’d like to see the picture again. But take it out of the frame. Transporting glass is too much hassle, and adds unnecessary weight.

  • Pat:

    I still have that picture – would you like me to send it home with Graeme. He has to take an extra suitcase anyway so I am sure he can fit it in.

  • Pat:

    Enjoy reading your writing. Alison & Graeme were here when we heard about the earthquake but they did not say exactly where in North California it was. Graeme has made our pool area into a new BBQ space and I am going to plant some more native planta around us so that we will get even more birds than we do now.

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